Monday, September 23, 2013

How Beautiful are the Feet

Today I read Isaiah 52 which always reminds me of Abinadi.  This is the chapter that the wicked priests of Noah question him about when they are trying to trap him in his words.  They particularly ask him what does it mean "how beautiful upon the mountain are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings".  Of course Abinadi knows they do not really want to know and are just trying to trap him.  I personally believe that the phrase in question is referring to missionary work.  Those that bring good tidings are missionaries.  Missionary work is essential for the Plan of Salvation.  Every person has to have the opportunity to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

We typically think of Justice when it comes to God as a bad thing.  If He were to rely on Justice, none of us would have a chance to return to live with Him.  However, God is also Just in that everyone will have an opportunity to hear the Gospel.  Anything less than that would not be Just.  In this case, Justice is a good thing and I for one am glad that God is a Just God and will not rest, nor allow His servants to rest, while there are still those who have not heard the good news of the Gospel.  Once that happens, then the work will be complete, but not until then and everyone who ever has lived, or ever will live, has an opportunity to accept or reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Until tomorrow.

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