Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Draw Strength from the Lord

Today I read Isaiah 45 and I liked the second to last verse that tells us we have righteousness and strength in the Lord.  It is easy to see how we can draw strength from the Lord, when we rely on Him and do as He asks of us, we are stronger for it.  We become a light unto the world.  We are better able to withstand temptation.  All of the evils of the world are more able to slide off of us, like water off the back of a duck.  Just like the hymn, that actually quotes Isaiah, says, He will strengthen us and uplift us by His omnipotent hand.  It can be hard at first to trust in Him so completely, but it is worth taking the time to understand how to do it.  We will be so much better off and better able to overcome the adversary.  It is something each of us should learn to do.  Until tomorrow.

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