Saturday, September 14, 2013

Put Your Faith in God

Today I read Isaiah 41 where the Lord talks to the Israelites and where part of the lyrics for the hymn "How Firm a Foundation" comes from.  The Lord chastises Israel about idol worship in this chapter and, although we have talked about this in the past, it still just boggles my mind that someone would worship a statue we all know that idol worship goes way beyond just bowing down to idols made of metal, stone or wood.  But I don't really want to go into idol worship again but rather what I was thinking about while reading this chapter was the Lord promises to uphold us if we will trust in Him. 

Now, it is possible that bad things will still happen to us, in fact it is almost a given.  But we can be sure if bad things do come our way that it is a trial to help us grow and not just a consequence of a bad choice or sin.  We cannot expect a life free of trials just because we are living the commandments.  Those who think this way do not understand that Gospel and what this life is all about.  We are here to learn and grow and the way to do that, is by experiencing trials that cause us to turn to God, or to other sources.  We will grow in whatever way we choose.  So it is up to us to choose the way we want to be, righteous, or worldly.  The two do not mix at all.  We cannot serve God and Mammon.  Until tomorrow.

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