Tuesday, September 24, 2013

God's Word Will Be Fulfilled

Today I read Isaiah 55, chapters 53 and 54 are both covered in the Book of Mormon.  The part of the chapter that I enjoyed was when the Savior said that His word would not return to Him void.  Heavenly Father has made it abundantly clear that His word cannot pass away unfulfilled.  If He or one of His authorized servants when speaking for Him have said it, it WILL happen.  We cannot hope it won't as such hope is unfounded and vain.  Now, the exception to this rule is if Heavenly Father has made His statement conditional upon ones faith or recants His statement.  Heavenly Father told Joseph Smith that the command to gather in Zion and build a temple was no longer in effect.  Like wise Patriarchal Blessings are prophecy for the individual but they are based upon the faith of the person and so if they do not come to pass it should not be looked upon as God being wrong.  Such thinking is entirely incorrect.  We can trust in God that He will not allow His people to be led astray with incorrect thinking.  We can always trust in Him.  Until tomorrow.

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