Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Counsel Shall Stand

Today I read Isaiah 46 and I liked the phrase, "my counsel shall stand".  God is telling the people of Israel in this chapter to avoid idol worship and that He is the only God.  Then He tells them that His counsel shall stand.  I take this to mean that what Heavenly Father says will stand the test of time, and it has.  This reminds me of John 7:17 where Jesus tells the Israelites that if any man will do His will he will know of the doctrine.  All we have to do is put it to the test.  Heavenly Father will help us know that what we are doing is His will, or if it is not.  What other religion promises that?  To not just follow blindly, but to ask our Creator if what we are being told is truly His will.  That is truly a blessing and we should not squander it.  If you are ever in doubt, just ask and He will tell you if it is truly His will or not.  Until tomorrow.

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