Monday, September 9, 2013

Receiving Revelation

Today I read Isaiah 37 where King Hezekiah comes to Isaiah for advice.  I always wonder why people in the past went to the prophet to talk to God.  Did they not know that God answers prayers and they can pray on their own to get their answers?  It reminds me of the Book of Mormon when Moroni sends a messenger to Alma to find out where the Lamanite army went.  Now those are big questions, but I still think Moroni could have asked God himself.  He was after all a very righteous man.  So why I wonder did so many people seek out the prophet instead of just praying on their own?

I really don't have an answer but perhaps it is something like when people seek out the Bishop for advice now instead of praying on their own.  Or asking the Bishop or Stake President for a blessing instead of their home teacher or their father/husband/brother.  I will freely admit that with Priesthood keys comes revelation for the prepared mind and it is not unheard of for Bishops to receive revelation specifically for an individual in his ward.  But I have to think that most of the time when a person comes to the Bishop for advice the first thing he will ask is have you asked the Lord and made it a matter of serious prayer?  Each one of us can receive revelation for ourselves and our children.  A father can receive revelation for his wife and children.  I would assume a wife can receive revelation for her husband, she can certainly receive revelation for her children.  Each one of us should be comfortable taking any challenge to the Lord and be confident in receiving an answer.  We don't need to seek out our priesthood leaders for every decision we need to make, even the big ones we can get answers on our own.  We just have to have the faith and ask, I promise He will respond.  Until tomorrow.

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