Sunday, September 29, 2013

The House of Judah Restored to Their Homeland

Today I read Isaiah 60 where Israel is promised that it will be a strong nation again one day.  I've never really thought about it before now, but as I sit here pondering it, I have to wonder, what percentage of the Jews actually want the land of Israel restored to them?  The Jews have been scattered for well over a thousand years.  They are dispersed among all different cultures and peoples.  Do they really want to be gathered in again to the land of Israel?  If I had to venture a guess, I would say probably not.  They are people just like the rest of us just trying to live their lives and be good people.  I'm sure there are a small percentage of the people that desire and hunger for their homeland, but most of the people of the house of Judah have not lived there for generations.  I'm sure this prophecy was more comforting to the people in the time of Isaiah than it is to the modern day Israelite.  A very interesting thought.  Until tomorrow.

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