Friday, April 19, 2013

True Friends Make it Easier to Live the Gospel

Today I read Job 16 where Job finally talks to his friends and tells them that they are not being true friends and if he were in their position he could judge them as well, but he would rather give them comfort and not judge them, as true friends should do.  Job understands that true friends are meant to uplift one another, not drag them down.  We are supposed to help one another and as true friends we are to help each other and make it easier to live the Gospel, not harder.  That is the measuring stick by which we should judge all potential friends.  That is how I knew I had found my wife, when I met her it was so easy to be righteous and live the Gospel.  That was how I knew she was a woman I could marry.  That should be how we judge others, not on what kind of trials they have and whether they are righteous or not.  Until tomorrow.

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