Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trials vs. Punishments

Today I read Job 8 where Job's friend Bildad starts asking questions to Job.  One of the questions that he asks Job that made me think was "Doth God pervert Judgment".  The reason Bildad is asking this question though is to make his point that God doesn't punish the righteous, or in other words, Job has done something to deserve this.  However, we all know that trials are not a punishment.  It seems Bildad needs to learn this however, because he does not understand this point.  He thinks that all of Job's calamities are because he has offended God and done something wrong.  Judgment is God's domain, not ours and so it is not our place to judge whether or not the reason a person has trials is due to their own actions.  We don't know the reasons, unless it is something really obvious, like contracting AIDS after living a promiscuous lifestyle.  But even then, final judgement is God's and God's alone, not our responsibility.  Our job is to mourn with those that mourn.  If Job's friends really understood the Gospel, they would be sad with him, not blame him for what is happening to him.  Until tomorrow.

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