Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Job Asks God to Let Him Know His Sins

Today I read Job 13 where Job finally tells off his friends.  He tells them to be quiet and they will be counted wise.  This is because his friends, as we already know, have been accusing him of being wicked when Job knows he is righteous.  However, he pleads with God to tell him his iniquities.  Job knows that while he may not have committed any sins that he knows about, he may still have done something wrong for which he is being punished.  And he wants to make sure that if that is the case, he can be told what it is so that he can make himself right with the Lord.  And who among us would not do the same thing?  If we thought maybe we had sinned but didn't know in what regard, wouldn't we ask God to make known unto us our transgression so that we could make it right?  I sure would.  We really can learn a lot from Job, not just patience, but how to handle obnoxious friends and ensure your standing before the Lord!  Until tomorrow.

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