Friday, April 5, 2013

Job Loses His Health and Teaches His Wife about Trials

Today I read Job 2 where the Lord brags to Satan how Job is still true and faithful to God even after losing all of his family and worldly possessions.  Satan replies that if Job loses his health he will curse God.  So God allows Satan to take his health but not to kill him.  I have often wondered about Job's friends and his wife.  They are a good example of the old saying "with friends like these, who needs enemies".  His wife in this chapter tells Job that he should just curse God and die.  She clearly did not understand the true nature of God.  Job takes the time to educate her that God doesn't just give us good things, He allows us to be tried and to be tested. 

Job understands that just because he has done nothing wrong, does not exempt him from trials.  Quite honestly, when we are righteous, that is when we can expect more trials than normal.  Trials come in 2 flavors, those that are caused by our own actions, such as if we use drugs, then we will have poor health.  The other kind of trial is when we are doing what is right and we need to grow.  That is when God will step in and give us a trial to help make us even more righteous, to help us grow closer to God.  Job understands this, although as we will see in the coming chapters his friends clearly don't.  But just because you have a trial does NOT mean you have done something wrong.  Keep that in mind for a happier life.  Until tomorrow.

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