Monday, April 22, 2013

Job Knows His Redeemer

Today I read Job 19 where Job shares his testimony with his friends.  He states that all his friends, servants and even his wife have forsaken him, however he knows that his Redeemer has NOT forsaken him and knows that even though he dies, he will be resurrected in the end and will stand before God accountable for what he has done.  This scripture should be very familiar to all seminary students as it is a scripture mastery.  It also shows that even before Christ came, those who understood the scriptures knew about the resurrection.  It was only in the time of Jesus that people seemed to forget what he was there to do.  From the beginning, starting with Adam, those who searched the scriptures understood the true mission of Jesus and how we all fit into it.  Job knew that Jesus was coming to Redeem us from our sins and to overcome death.  His testimony in this chapter shows us that.  It's amazing to me that people seemed to believe better before Christ came and performed the Atonement than they do now, when we have hundreds of witnesses showing us that it is true.  Some people just won't believe until they see it with their own eyes.  Until tomorrow.

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