Monday, April 8, 2013

Man is Born into Trouble

Today I read Job 5 where Job's friends state that man is born into trouble.  And truly we are.  Each of us are born into an imperfect world.  Of course we all knew that is what awaited us when we chose God's plan to send us here.  We knew we would be tried and tested and we rejoiced in the opportunity because we would be able to have a physical body.  We had progressed as far as we could in our previous life as spirit children only.  We were more than willing to suffer the consequences of living in an imperfect world for the opportunity to progress further.  The fact that we are here on this earth, shows that we accepted God's plan for us.  So we really have no one to blame but ourselves for our life of imperfectness.  Of course that is very hard to keep in mind when we are in the middle of a trial.  But as I always say, it is all for our own good.  Until tomorrow.

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