Saturday, April 13, 2013

Job Continues to Bemoan His Fate

Today I read Job 10 where Job is still upset as his lot in life, which is understandable as we have said before.  When we are in the middle of a trial it is very hard to keep proper perspective and understand that we will grow from it.  That is because trials are meant to be hard.  If they were easy to overcome, we would not grow and would not turn to God to get through them.  In that sense, Job is not doing a very good job of enduring this trial.  He is still saying it would have been better if he had not been born.  Now I have never had a trial like Job's so it is easy to look from the outside in and say that Job should be handling this better, but we each of us do not know how we will handle things unless we are given that trial ourselves.  Our trials are meant for each of us and not for anyone else.  What is a trial for us, might be very easy for someone else, that is why they are our trials.  Good thing for Job, after a little while he will perk up and handle his trial alright.  Until tomorrow.

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