Sunday, April 28, 2013

God is Ever Mindful of Us

Today I read Job 25 and 26 where Job's friend states that man is lower than a worm and then Job talks about all the virtues of God.  As I was reading these chapters I could not help but think of how in the Dark Ages people thought they had to suffer like Jesus did in order to be righteous.  They don't understand that to God, we are his children.  If a parent takes on a burden so that his/her children don't have to, that same parent does not expect that same child to suffer anyway.  In fact it may cause that parent extreme sadness because his/her efforts to spare the child were in vain because the child suffered anyway.  God loves us, we are His most precious creation and He wants us to be happy.  Lehi taught us that in the book of 2 Nephi chapter 2 verse 25.  We are created in God's own image and as such we are special to Him.  He loves us and is ever mindful of us as Jesus taught when He was here on the Earth.  All we have to do is follow His commandments and do as He asks of us.  Until tomorrow.

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