Friday, April 26, 2013

Job Knows His Life is Acceptable to God

Today I read Job 23 where Job talks about God and how he has followed all of God's commandments and that he has kept God's ways.  What a wonderful sense of peace that must be for him!  To know that you are clean before God and He is pleased with your life.  It is a joy that we all can know each and every day.  When God sends us the Holy Ghost to be our constant companion, then we know that our life is acceptable to Him.  We can also know our life is worthy in His sight by living the commandments to their fullest, and not just the ones we want to follow.  Several people in this day and age have fallen into Satan's trap that all is well in Zion and that God will save us in the end regardless of how we live our lives and what we do, as Nephi of old foresaw.  Satan is carefully leading this world down to hell by convincing us that anything we choose to do is not a sin.  We must not buy into so false logic as Jesus Himself taught us when He was here on the earth that there are certain thing we must do to return to Heaven, such as being baptized.  We must live our lives in a certain way if we expect to return to live with God one day.  Until tomorrow.

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  1. Interesting post on Laman and Lemuel. I read another blogger's interpretation last night, and it was eye-opening:

    In essence, Laman and Lemuel were older, they were products of a more comfortable life, and while this doesn't excuse their behavior by any means, it can explain a lot.