Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Job Wonders What is Man

Today I read Job 7 which reminds me a lot of Moses 1.  Job asks in this chapter "what is man".  Moses asked what was man that though art mindful of him after seeing the glory of all creation.  Sometimes when seeing all of creation even just on this planet, it is easy to wonder why God takes notice of us.  However, it is not that difficult to understand why.  Think on your own children, there are dozens of distractions in this life and lots of things we can be proud of that we made from scratch, but our children carry a unique place in our heart that never goes away.  No matter how special things in this life are, they are no comparison to our children, and God feels the exact same way about us.  We are His greatest creation.  By His own mouth, we are His glory.  It is no wonder that He is mindful of us and wants us to be happy.  Until tomorrow.

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