Thursday, April 18, 2013

Job's Friends Continue to Insist He is Wicked

Today I read Job 15 and I have to wonder if these men really talked like this?  I mean it's almost like reading a poem and I'm not sure if I was hearing it live and in person if I could take it seriously.  That aside, one of Job's friends, Eliphaz this time, again proceeds to tell Job how his punishments are just and he is not greater than God and spends a lot of time talking about mankind in general and how he is wicked.  He also goes as far as to call Job crafty and imply that he is bold face lying.  Again I just have to wonder what kind of friends are these that Job surrounds himself with.  It is interesting how they think they are so learned and that God only does certain things to the wicked.  But it is all things we have already explored since we started reading Job so here I will end for today.  Until tomorrow.

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