Wednesday, April 24, 2013

There is No Hiding From the Judgements of God

Today I read Job 21 which continues along the thought process of the wicked having success in this life.  Job acknowledges that the wicked will sometimes prosper in this life but just like we talked about yesterday, he says that God is just and the wicked will have their final punishment.  This life is unfair a lot of times and it may seem like what you sow is not always what you reap, however in the eternal scheme of things, what we sow is in fact what we reap.  If our works are works of righteousness and we do what is right, what is asked of us by our Heavenly Father, then we will have eternal rewards.  However, if we do that which we shouldn't and do things that make our Heavenly Father not be able to tolerate our presence, then when we finally meet Him on the other side again, we will be ashamed and like Alma the Younger, we will wish we could cease to exist and that the very rocks of the earth would hide our presence from Him.  But we all must stand before Him and be judged for what we did in this life, none can escape His righteous judgements.  Until tomorrow.

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