Thursday, August 1, 2013

Treat Your Enemies with Kindness

Today I read Proverbs 25 and I liked the phrase that stated to feed your enemy when he is hungry and to give him drink if he is thirsty.  In other words, do good to them that hate you and spitefully use you.  It is strange in this day and age to think of the average person as having an enemy.  Perhaps it does happen, but it seems very strange to me.  However, I do have people that don't treat me very well all the time. 

Not too long ago at work I had an employee that was not very friendly and very much had a victim mentality.  There was one night where it came to a head and the employee got upset and tried to get me involved in a shouting match.  I was able to keep my cool barely and we did not leave on good terms.  Later I was talking with a peer at work about this employee, a fellow Christian but not a Latter-day Saint and we talked about how he too had challenges with this employee.  One of us, I cannot remember who, reminded us both that Jesus said we are to pray for those that do not treat us properly.  After that conversation I started including this employee in my prayers and that I can find a way to work with her and help her at work.  Since that time, I have changed my attitude to treat her better and I have noticed a significant improvement in our working relationship. 

Now, I am not saying that by treating others with kindness we are going to win them all over to our way of thinking.  That most likely will not happen, but it will certainly make you a better person and cause people to want to be around you and want to become like you are, because they will see that you are different.  And that is the way we all want to be, different from the world, and more like the Savior.  Until tomorrow.

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