Thursday, August 15, 2013

No Man, or Woman, can Escape Judgment

Today I read Ecclesiastes 8 and the main thing I got out of it was to be righteous.  The main theme of the scriptures if I do say so myself.  It talked a lot about the wicked and how in the end they will not escape the judgment of God.  It sometimes feels as though the wicked people of the world are getting away with committing sin and living a carefree lifestyle, but they will pay for their sins.  Such men, and women, have no claim on the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  They have rejected His Atoning Sacrifice and as such will have to pay the price for their own sins, which caused Jesus Himself to bleed from every pore.  The natural man in me says that is too small a price to pay for some for the horror and wickedness they have brought on this world.  But according to Alma the Younger the way he described his sins when he thought of standing before God makes it sound absolutely horrifying and the worst feeling in the universe. 

God knows each one of us and He knows which of us would repent if we knew the truth.  He knows which people are committing sin because they are trying to find something, anything, to fill in the emptiness they feel in their lives as they search for the Gospel.  However, I personally believe that these people are not the hard core criminals but I could be wrong.  Only God knows our innermost selves, the place we lock up and keep hidden for no one to see but God and maybe our spouse.  We will be judged when we stand before Him who created us and how we face Him will determine more than anything our final place.  What kind of person we are here is our choice and will determine where we go after this.  Until tomorrow.

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