Friday, August 2, 2013

Avoid Talebearing

Today I read Proverbs 26 and I was struck by the warning against talebearers.  It talked about how a talebearer causes wounds and causes strife.  All my life I have been warned against gossip and spreading rumors.  About how hurtful they can be and how it causes unwanted anguish and can lead to problems among people, especially teenagers.  It always breaks my heart to see a life cut short because of a lack of self worth and bullying.  When we spread tales we can literally ruin lives.  That is why the brethren tell us to avoid spreading rumors and tales, it really can cause wounds.  When we don't respect other people and try to see the best in them, but instead exploit all that is wrong with them, we are not doing as the Savior would have us do.  Each of us needs to build up those around us, not tear down as talebears or gossipers do.  And if you aren't sure it is gossip, just ask yourself if the person in question would be pleased to hear you tell the story in their presence.  It the answer is no, you are probably gossiping!  Until tomorrow.

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