Saturday, August 24, 2013

Come Listen to a Prophet's Voice

Today I read Isaiah 20 which was a prophecy about the destruction of Egypt by Assyria.  As I read it I could not help but wonder if the people of the time took the warning seriously.  I then had to wonder if future generations, when reading over old general conference messages, would wonder if we as a people heeded our prophet's warnings to get our food storage up and to get out of debt.  It seems to me that a prophet is loved and revered until he gives counsel that people don't want to hear.  Then he needs to mind his own business.  President George Albert Smith had the same thought when Utah voted to repeal the prohibition act.  It is really sad that we don't heed our prophets warnings better.  But then again, it makes me wonder, what counsel has President Monson given that I am not heeding?  Perhaps I need to go back and listen again.  Until tomorrow.

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