Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Today I read Isaiah 24 talking about the people breaking their covenants.  A week or so ago I was talking with my home teaching companion about how a person's word used to mean something.  How the Nephites and Lamanites, despite being bitter enemies, would trust each other when their word was given.  But as Isaiah foresaw, that is not the case anymore.  Now it is to the point where if it is not in writing, it can't be trusted and no one believes you.  It is really sad that some people go through life with absolutely no regard for other people, who they might be hurting.  They only care about themselves and getting ahead.  Their focus is on the here and now, not on things of an eternal nature.  While I think we should enjoy our lives now and strive to be happy, we do that best when we remember that this life is only temporary.  When we realize that, we understand that money is not everything and physical comforts are nice, but not a necessity.  When we realize that we will stand before God and have to justify our lives to him one day, then keeping our word seems a lot more attractive an option.  Until tomorrow.

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