Saturday, August 3, 2013

Faithful are the Wounds of a Friend

Today I read Proverbs 27 which contained many snippets of wisdom.  I found one in particular very funny, it said that a continuous dripping on a rainy day and a contention women are alike.  This made me laugh because to me, a continuous dripping is more annoying than anything else and so the way I read it is, a contentious woman is annoying.  I don't think that is what is meant, but that is how I read it at first.  Very humorous.

On a more serious note however, the part of the chapter that stayed with me is the phrase, faithful are the wounds of a friend.  On the surface this does not seem to make sense, however when you think about it its meaning becomes clear.  Imagine you had a problem, something that you were not aware of and would be potentially embarrassing to you, wouldn't a true friend tell you about it, even if it was painful and might hurt your feelings?  This is how I read this verse.  You might be wounded by a friend at times, but it is out of love and loyalty.  Yes it can hurt and be painful and we want to make sure it is something that will truly benefit the person before we bring it up.  But if it is something that will come out anyway and it is better to come out in private as opposed to in public, it is better to come from a true friend.  Until tomorrow.

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