Friday, August 30, 2013

Counsel with the Lord at all Times

Today I read Isaiah 26 and it was one of those chapters I had to read twice because I really wasn't getting anything out of it.  However on my second reading I cam across a couple of verses that stood out to me.  Isaiah talked about how a woman who is pregnant will cry out when her pains arrive.  The verse ahead of that one was telling also, how when the people's trouble arrived they poured out their hearts during their chastening.  It is easy to turn to the Lord when times are hard.  That is when we feel we need Heavenly Father the most.  However, what is infinitely harder for most people, is to stay true and faithful when things are going well.  When things are easy for us, do we still speak to Heavenly Father on a consistent basis?  Do we still turn to Him with our tough choices to make sure we are following His plan for us?  I think some of us do, but not all, not by a long shot.  And I don't think that is pleasing unto Him.  We need to counsel with Him at all times.  Until tomorrow.

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