Sunday, August 25, 2013

Be a Beacon of Righteousness

Today I read Isaiah 21 and I might be misinterpreting the verse but I really liked verse 14 that talked about giving water to those that thirst and preventing with bread those that fled.  To me this sounds like a situation where the city, or land, of this people, preventing being destroyed, like all the other nations mentioned in this verse, by being righteous and taking care of those around them.  It sounded to me like when the Lord said that the prayers of the righteous were preventing the entire cities destruction.  The Lord takes pity on the righteous time and time again.  He spares the wicked because He does not want to destroy the righteous along with them.  We are taught to "stand ye in holy places" but any place can be a holy place if we make it one.  Be the beacon of righteousness that staves off the destruction.  Until tomorrow.

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