Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Lord Will Punish Those That Despoil Israel

Today I read Isaiah 17 where Isaiah prophesied the destruction of Israel but then states that the Lord will punish those that despoil Israel.  At first this might seem strange but if you think about it, it's no different than Judas and Pilate.  If not for them, Jesus would not have been killed.  And yet we all know that the Savior had to die to perform the Atonement, it was necessary.  However, just because it was necessary does not excuse Pilate from condemning the Savior to death, nor Judas for betraying Him.  We all have our own choices to make.  Just because the Lord uses the wicked to punish His people when they are not righteous, does not make the wicked acts less wicked.  We all have our agency and will be held accountable for our actions.  Until tomorrow.

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