Monday, August 26, 2013

The Savior was the Nail in the Sure Place for Israel

Today I read Isaiah 22 and I am struck that people who read the scriptures during the time of Christ could miss the reference to His crucifixion.  To me it seems obvious when it started talking about the nail in the sure place and that nail being removed.  Of course, I also have the gift of hindsight.  I know that once the Savior was crucified, the Jews were maltreated and scattered by all the nations.  I wonder what the Pharisees thought at the time when they decided to crucify the Savior?  Did they even for a moment wonder what fate would then have in store for them after knowing this chapter so well?  They were the scriptorians of the age after all.  Sadly though, I bet they did not even realize it until they passed onto the other side and learned the truth of who Jesus was.  Sad indeed.  Until tomorrow.

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