Monday, August 19, 2013

The Importance of All Chapters in the Scriptures

Today I read Isaiah 15, we skipped chapters 2 - 14 because they are exactly as they appear in 2 Nephi and we have already read and provided thoughts on those chapters.  Chapter 15 of Isaiah is a lament about the destruction of Moab.  While reading this I couldn't help but wonder why the people who compiled the Bible did not glean some of the books, like Isaiah, that have nothing to do with our day and time, but almost immediately after thinking that, I am glad they did not.  For one thing, I would not trust a man, unless inspired, to tell me which parts of a book of scripture are important, or relevant to me.  So while this chapter may have nothing to do with me, the fact that it is included gives me comfort and helps me to realize that it is all important and I am glad it was included.  Until tomorrow.

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