Thursday, May 30, 2013

Trust God, Not the World

Today I read Psalms 31 where David lists out all the ways God has taken care of him.  It almost reminds me of an old style love poem where they count the ways they love the person.  David is certainly counting the ways God has taken care of him and how he put his trust in God.  Then at the end he tells us, the readers to put our trust in God.  As I watch the world slide into sin and even further away from God, it strikes me how good Satan is at what he does.  He has managed to convince most Americans that it's ok to believe and behave differently than God does.  This is false.  Satan has done a great job of making people think that to break the commandments is no big thing and if anyone tells you that you should live the commandments that they are bigots who need to be more tolerant.  The truth is actually the opposite.  While God never condones teasing, picking on, bullying or abusing those who live their lives differently, we certainly still need to stand up for what is right and stand up to those who would try and convince us that standing up for what is right is in fact wrong.  We should never use the world's view as a moral compass.  If we do, we will ALWAYS miss the mark and never become like God is.  The world will one day be shown just how wrong they are and we do not want to be in that group.  I know I sure don't!  Until tomorrow.

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