Friday, May 10, 2013

The Lord Speaks to Job

Today I read Job 38 where God answers Job all his questions.  It does not state if Job's friends also heard the Lord speaking.  But it does state that God reminds Job of the distance between the two of them.  Again this is written very flowery and like a Psalm.  It might just be the way it is written like the rest of the Book of Job, however this could also be the way the Lord normally talks to His servants.  Or perhaps He speaks in the manner that will be best understood by His servant.  I truly don't know, but it is a comfort that the Lord talks to His servants in their times of need.  Just like when Joseph Smith called out to the Lord in the depth of his despair in Liberty Jail.  The Lord replied to him and told him that all of his trials would be for his good.  So it is with Job and with all of us.  Everything we suffer, that is not caused by our own hand, is for our growth and our good.  Until tomorrow.

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