Saturday, May 25, 2013

Do Not Allow Sin to Have Dominion Over Me

Today I read Psalms 19 where David pleads with the Lord to not allow his sins to have dominion over him.  That is a very interesting prayer to have but a very wise prayer too.  Sin is a lot like prison.  When you commit a sin, you lose your agency to choose.  The consequences are not something you can decide but rather are decided for you.  And if you sin the same sin often enough, your agency to choose not to sin is slowly eroded away until you become addicted to the sin, very much a prisoner.  So for David to pray to not let sin have dominion over him shows a level of understanding that most people don't have.  He knows because he has felt the suffocating feeling of sin and it's affect on his spirit.  He has been there and never wants to go there again.  We would all be wise to follow his example.  Until tomorrow.

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