Thursday, May 2, 2013

Build Up, Don't Destroy Others

Today I read Job 30 where, just like all men throughout history when they get older, he laments about the up and coming generation.  It makes me smile to realize that older men have been complaining about youth for thousands of years.  When Job's afflictions struck the youths of his neighborhood started treating him like a leper, like someone less than the dirt they stood on.  Why is it human nature to destroy those around us to make ourselves feel better?  Wouldn't it be better to build up those around us?  Wouldn't it be more Christlike to find the good in those we associate with in order to make ourselves feel better?  If Jesus were here, He would definitely try and make those people He came into contact with feel better.  If we hope to one day become like He is, we need to spend our time on this earth doing what is right and it is better to help others than it is to hurt others.  The feeling of the Spirit when we do what is right is incredible and better than almost any feeling there is.  Why not do all that we can to make sure He can be our constant companion?  Until tomorrow.

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