Monday, May 20, 2013

Choose Happiness or Unhappiness

Today I read Psalms 8 - 10.  All three of these Psalms are talking about the greatness of God and the awful state of the wicked.  I have a friend who posted something on Facebook the other day where he shared a story of a man he met when he was in high school and he said the lesson he took away from the man's story was that if you worship Satan you will get rich, but if you worship God you will be poor.  Despite my friend's cavalier attitude about it, he is actually right.  Those who do what is wrong in this life often seem to get ahead, financially and otherwise, while the poor and the humble seem to be trodden underfoot.  Again it all goes back to what do you want out of eternity?  Do you want to be a horrible human being who prizes money above all other things?  Do you want to be kind to your fellow man and help those in need? 

I promise you the humble beggar who has nothing but keeps the commandments of God is happier than the wealthiest drug lord.  If such men who do wickedly were truly honest with themselves they would admit that they feel something is missing from their life and they feel alone.  It reminds me of the movie Scarface, which is a story of a horrible human being with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.  At one point however he is in a restaurant and has a break down where he starts yelling at the other patrons, clearly upset and he appears to be the most unhappy person around.  The man had everything that you could supposedly want out of life, but he was unhappy and could not find lasting peace.  What he was missing was the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That is what all such men and women are missing.  It is the only thing that can provide lasting happiness.  The choice is ours and always will be.  And it is honestly more clear cut of a choice than one might imagine.  Happiness, or unhappiness.  Choose wisely.  Until tomorrow.

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