Friday, May 24, 2013

Our Father in Heaven Really is Our Father

Today I read Psalm 18 where David sings the praises of God after escaping Saul and his plans to kill David.  David was a very humble man.  All that he was, he attributed to the Lord.  And that is right honestly.  All that we are, all that we have the potential to be, is because of how God made us.  He blesses us with strengths and with weaknesses.  As I am sitting here pondering the chapter, it occurs to me that it really is sad that we don't have a closer relationship with our Heavenly Father.  I call my parents each and every week and thoroughly enjoy talking to them, even if I don't have anything to share beyond the mundane things of my life.  Why don't we have that kind of relationship with our Father in Heaven?  Sure He already knows all about it, but don't you think He wants to hear it from us?  I certainly do.  I know I personally will be changing the way I pray going forward and try and grow closer with my God.  Until tomorrow.

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