Saturday, May 18, 2013

David Finds Peace in the Lord

Today I read Psalms 6 which is an expression of faith to me.  David states that his enemies need to beware because the Lord has heard his expression of grief and his challenges.  It is a wonderful thing to have a knowledge that God not only hears you but listens to your prayers.  I have often wondered what helps those without a knowledge of God or faith get through each day and get through this life.  How do they find the strength to keep going?  I am lucky, I have always known God is there and that He loves me.  How does someone feel if they don't think that anyone is listening to them?  How depressing and lonely must such a life be?  I feel very fortunate that my entire life I have known that God is there and that He loves me.  I want to make sure my daughter knows that and that she understands that God loves her and wants her to succeed.  I want her to have the same peace and happiness that I have had my entire life.  Until tomorrow.

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