Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rely on God For Help With Your Weakness

Today I read Psalms 25 and I have to wonder, what would it have been like to be David?  He truly had people hate him and want to kill him.  When he says the troubles of his heart are enlarged, he means it.  I am reminded of Nephi, a prophet that all of us wish we could be like for he truly was righteous, recording for all of the world to see that he considered himself a wretched man because he had a temper and would get angry at his brothers and his enemies.  Apparently that was his weakness.  I can easily see with such a righteous man how his weakness would feel very glaring and a lot larger than it was.  Sometimes our weakness really is that large, if you have a weakness for killing people, that is a serious problem.  But if your weakness is overeating, it's probably not as serious as you think it is.  But it is a very good thing to proclaim your weakness to God and ask Him for help in overcoming it.  It's one of the best things we can do!  Until tomorrow.

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