Sunday, May 12, 2013

Job Repents and is Blessed by the Lord

Today I read Job 42 where Job repents of any and all wrong doing he has done before the Lord.  He accepts his faults and the fact that he may have sinned without his knowledge.  He understands that the Lord is the source of all righteousness.  The Lord accepts Job's repentance and blesses him.  He doubles the fortune of Job compared to what he had before his problems.  The part that makes the natural man in me grin is that the Lord chastises Job's 3 friends.  He tells them that they have not been righteous as Job has been and has them sacrifice animals for repentance.  Not everyone is blessed monetarily the way Job was.  Sometimes we are only blessed in the next life.  Our desire to do what is right and follow the Lord's commandments should not be because we want to be rewarded.  We should follow His commandments because it is what we want.  Sometimes, like Alma taught the Zoramites, all we can do is have a desire to follow the commandments.  It can be hard because sin can be fun.  But we can pray and ask for help and the Lord can change our very nature.  He can help us change so that we no longer have a desire to do that which is wrong.  And that is the best blessing of all!  Until tomorrow.

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