Thursday, May 16, 2013

Give Us Strength Oh Lord

Today I read Psalms 4 where David asks the Lord enlarge him when he is in distress.  That statement really stood out to me.  How many of us need help from time to time?  All of us!  I have often said that the true measure of a prophet is that when faced with trials the prophet will ask for the Lord to strengthen them to meet the challenge as opposed to a normal person asking to have the trial taken away from them.  David is showing us his faith here.  By asking Heavenly Father for assistance with his trials, he is showing that he understands that he needs help and is asking for it.  We could all learn a lot from his example and ask the Lord to help us through our times of trial, even if they are not our own trials.  Every parent has most likely prayed to have their child's infirmity put on them instead of their child, we want to help so badly, but we have to understand that our children need to grow from their own trials just like we do.  It is a hard lesson to learn.  Until tomorrow.

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