Saturday, May 4, 2013

Job's Youthful Friend Speaks Up

Today I read Job 32 were Job's friend, Elihu, who was the youngest there, decided to speak and give his opinion.  He states that he has waited until now to do so because he is the youngest of them all but now he can hold his peace no longer.  He is quite upset with his friends for not being able to find an answer to Job.  What an interesting concept that is.  I have certainly held my peace before when others are talking if I did not know a lot about the subject, but I have never stopped talking just because others that were doing the talking were older than me.  I'm personally glad that this particular customer has gone by the wayside.  Just because someone is older than you, doesn't necessarily mean that they have more knowledge than you.  If you have something worthwhile to contribute, you should share it!  Especially if it is your testimony of our Savior.  Until tomorrow.

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