Monday, May 6, 2013

Accepting Correction from God

Today I read Job 34 where Elihu continues his speech to Job and his other friends on the merits of God and accepting chastisement from God.  In the Book of Mormon we are taught that when God gives us correction it is a sign of love.  This is a concept we have explored in other posts and Elihu talks about this concept a little bit himself in this chapter.  He does not talk about it being a sing of love however he does mention that it is a good thing to accept the chastisement of God and offend no more.  It can be a hard thing to accept correction even from those we love.  But if we are to grow we will be corrected more than just once in this life.  How we accept that correction is a true measure of who we are.  We need to make sure we take it well and make the needed changes, especially when that correction comes from God.  Until tomorrow.

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