Saturday, May 11, 2013

God Compares Man to His Other Creations

Today I read Job 39 - 41 where the Lord reminds Job of what man is, which is not much.  He compares Job, or all man really, to the leviathan and the behemoth.  He also reminds Job of all the wonders that He, God, has created.  If I was Job, it would be very humbling indeed.  The Lord is so mighty, and man is so little.  Yes it is wonderful what man can create when he puts his mind to it, however, mans accomplishments compared to the Almighty's are still quite puny.  Now, I don't think God tells Job all of this to put him down, but rather to remind him that he is not above God.  God is the Alpha and Omega.  He created us and one day will exalt those of us that have proven ourselves.  Compared to that, as Moses once stated, man is nothing.  But we are God's most treasured creation and He will not abandon us.  As we stated before, He cares for us and will not leave us destitute.  Until tomorrow.

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