Thursday, July 11, 2013

Write the Commandments on Your Heart

Today I read Proverbs 3 and there was a lot of things that Solomon talked about in this chapter.  In the beginning of the chapter, and the part that stood out to me the most, was Solomon's counsel to let our heart keep the commandments.  He then lists all the reasons that living the commandments is a good idea.  He mentions that commandments will lead to a long life and to peace.  If we live the commandments we will avoid almost all of the pitfalls that wait to ensnare us in this life.  We have already talked about this many times in the past, however it is necessary for the prophets of old to remind the people because the people are quick to forget.  They see how other people are living their lives and it looks like more fun to them than what they have so they decide to break the commandments. 

Regardless of what people say, the only reason people leave the church is because of sin.  Even people who have friends that tell them all kinds of horrible things about the church return to their ways of sin that they did before they met with the missionaries.  Sin is the reason for unhappy lives, it either causes us to be unhappy or we will perform actions that will make others unhappy.  If we want to be as happy as possible, the commandments are the way to live.  There is really nothing else to say beyond that.  Until tomorrow.

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