Friday, July 12, 2013

Rejoice with the Wife of thy Youth

Today I read Proverbs 4 - 5 and again the main theme is to learn wisdom and accumulate knowledge.  However, chapter 5 gives good advice on dealing with women and our wives.  Solomon counsels us to stay away from strange women, this is his way of saying control our lust.  Solomon states that her ways lead us down to hell and we should not even darken her doorstep with our presence.  It's too bad he didn't heed his own advice! 

I was also interested to notice that Solomon states to let your wife's breasts satisfy you at all times.  In the Song of Solomon, which I will not be reading as part of my scripture study and blog, he again makes reference to the woman's breasts.  It is interesting because there are a lot of people in today's day and age who claim men are only attracted to women's breasts because of our culture and how taboo they are.  However, this chapter and the Song of Solomon gives credence to the idea that sexual desire for women's breasts has been around in other cultures too and perhaps is more instinctual than some women want to admit.  Anyway, it was just an interesting not as this is not a psychology blog and certainly not a sex blog.  Solomon's main point is to always stay true to your wife and don't go looking for trouble in the arms of another women.  In my opinion good advice indeed.  Until tomorrow.

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