Monday, July 15, 2013

Lay Up Eternal Treasures

Today I read Proverbs 8 where Solomon tells us to lay up in store eternal blessings.  He calls it durable riches and gold.  He also advices everyone to focus on accumulating wisdom.  All too often we strive for things without substance, things that will not last, such as worldly riches.  It is tempting to do things that will make us more comfortable in this life, but in doing so, we trade happiness for eternity for peace of mind and security for a moment.  It can be hard to keep an eternal perspective all of the time especially when things are hard and we are suffering in this life.  But it is always important to remember what we are giving up compared to what we are gaining.  Economists call this opportunity cost.  The true cost of the item is what you pay for it plus what you gave up for it.  Therefore even if you got it for free, you still paid for it.  We should each one of us strive for eternal blessings and the things that really matter, that is the path to true happiness.  Until tomorrow.

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