Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shun an Adulterous Woman/Man

Today I read Proverbs 7 which is a warning to all against adulterous women.  No, obviously, men can be adulterous too, or in other words, a married man can also commit adultery, not just married women.  I think Solomon purposefully names adulterous women in this chapter because women have the power when it comes to sex and relationships.  What man is going to say no to his wife when she desires sexual intercourse?  Not many.  Yet how often does the husband desire to be intimate but the wife says no?  If media is to be believed, all the time.  Men are driven by their passions and unless he is purposefully working at becoming better at controlling them, he will have a hard time ruling them instead of his passions ruling him! 

I have found the most innocent of things, images, sounds can be a temptation.  The only way to truly handle them and ensure safety is to be as Joseph of Egypt and flee as fast as possible.  I have also found that if you are having to rationalize anything, you are in trouble.  If you are afraid to tell your wife about it, don't do it!  The same goes for wives, if you can't tell your husband about it, it's probably not a good idea.  If you can't have your female/male friend around your wife/husband, don't have said friend!  It's that simple.  We are to cleave to our spouse and NO other.  They are to be our best friend and to be our first confidant.  If we put their happiness above our own, we will be better protected and have an easier time of resisting temptation.  Flee temptation and cleave to your spouse, what more needs to be said?  Until tomorrow.

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