Friday, July 5, 2013

God Forgives and Forgets

Today I read Psalms 128 - 130 and I like how the Psalmist stated that there is forgiveness with the Lord.  Through the Atonement we can become white as snow.  It's amazing really, somehow the Lord remembers our sins no more after we have repented and He has forgiven us.  I don't know how He does it, if He really does forget it, or if He just doesn't hold us accountable anymore.  Most likely it is the latter.  Heavenly Father has perfect control over Himself and so can truly do as He promises He will.  Humans are fallible and despite our best efforts, we can allow our feelings to get in the way of our relationships with each other.  There is always that nagging doubt that the person has done wrong by us and will possibly do it again.  Heavenly Father does not have that.  He states that once we have sincerely repented He will remember our sins no more, or in other words, give us His full confidence and allow us the chance to do what we need to in order to live our lives going forward.  Why wouldn't we take advantage of this wonderful gift?  Until tomorrow.

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