Saturday, July 6, 2013

God Will Never Us Forsake

Today I read Psalms 131 - 140 and I liked the peace several of these chapters speak to the weary soul.  In chapter 140 David states to the Lord that he knows God will espouse the cause of the afflicted.  Heavenly Father never leaves us forsaken and always takes care of us from now until forever.  That is a comforting thought because there is a LOT of suffering in this life.  It breaks my heart to see how much people suffer and to know that Heavenly Father comforts them in their afflictions is a happy thought.  It is sad that suffering is the only way some of us have to progress, but to know that there is in fact one person who knows exactly how they feel and exactly what to say is a good thought.  Just like a child will turn to their earthly parents for comfort when times are scary, tough or sad, we can always turn to the forever open arms of our Father in Heaven.  Until tomorrow. 

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