Friday, July 26, 2013

An Idle Soul Shall Suffer Hunger

Today I read Proverbs 19 and I like the phrase "an idle soul shall suffer hunger".  It really bothers me the way Satan has convinced most of the world that charity and being a good Christian means we have to suffer all the evils of the world in silence because otherwise we are bigots.  Satan has convinced the world that to tolerate the evils of the world means we need to accept them and not judge them.  This is false.  There are things that are wrong no matter what.  God is the author of all things right and good and He alone has the right to tell us what is tolerance and what is bowing down to sin.  The reason I like the phrase above, is because again, Satan has convinced society that in order to be good men and women and to be good Christians, we should not only not encourage people to work, but also to take care of those who don't want to work.  This is again, false.  While we should certainly help those who cannot work, we should not support laziness and those who choose not to work. 

There is a a big difference between not being able to work and not wanting to work.  Our society is plagued by those that do not want to work.  We have thousands, if not millions of people who spend much more time getting out of work than they spend working and contributing to society.  This is not pleasing to God.  We should spend our days providing for ourselves and helping those who are unable to help themselves.  Those who could have provided for themselves will stand before God one day and have to explain their slothfulness and their lack of work.  Like all other sins, it will not be a pleasant conversation.  Especially as men, men are to provide for their wives and children's needs.  We are to make sure they are cared for and do not want for the necessities of life.  It is important to take care of our fmailies and to contribute to society.  This is part of what it means to be a good member of society.  If we cease to be idle, then we shall not hunger as the scriptures state.  We need to work and care for ourselves.  Until tomorrow.

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